Advantages of the Reiss Profile®

Relevance combined with simplicity

The advantages of the Reiss Profile®: not only is it is very easy to use, it also offers a high degree of relevance. 

The advantages at a glance

The advantages of the Reiss Profile® are clear when applying it in a coaching or consulting situation:

  • Scientific background – the Reiss Profile® method has its origins in comprehensive research undertaken Professor Dr Steven Reiss and his team at the Ohio State University, USA.
  • Depth – the complexity of the individual personality is plausibly explained.
  • Practical use – there are clear starting points for the fields of consulting and counselling, making positive results easier to achieve.
  • Individuality – the individual personality is the key focus. Typologies are not used.
  • Quality – only certified Reiss Profile® instructors and Masters may use the Reiss Profile.

Stable decisions

The personality traits identified by Steven Reiss are accepted as being virtually immutable. Analyses with the Reiss Profile® can thus help reinforce or back up decisions, for example when selecting key personnel and helping individuals and teams to raise their levels of performance. Typical issues are:

  • Reliable personnel decisions
  • Prediction of behaviour in particular situations
  • Identification and development of leader personalities
  • Mental preparation of targeted performance recall

Considered self-perception and perception of others

Shared values usually help people to get on well and enjoy each other’s company. When values differ too substantially people tend to make life difficult for one another. This means that understanding different sets of values is critically important for working well together.

The Reiss Profile® illustrates clearly and simply the differences and similarities that can exist in sets of values, thereby laying the foundation for considered discussion and exchanges of views. It shows that it is just as easy for trust to develop spontaneously as it is for misunderstandings and conflicts to arise. 

Considered self-perception and perception of others are key factors for working successfully together and developing relationships. They encourage mutual tolerance which in turn positively influences the performance environment.

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